Repair from "INSIDE" of tire

After the outside damage has been repaired, our special plug-patch used on the inside will ensure a complete repair.

Same method of outside repair.

Insert PLUG INSERTION TOOL by turning in to the right into the GUIDE SLEEVE until it locks. Then, pull them out until the tip of the GUIDE SLEEVE becomes horizontal position of the inner tire surface.

Next, peel the vinyl film of the plug-patch and spread NISEAL to the tip of the plug portion. Insert plug portion of plug-patch into the GUIDE SLEEVE(keep clean the surface of plug portion). Holding plug-patch in this position, remove the GUIDE SLEEVE and PLUG INSERTION TOOL at the same time by continuing to turn the handle to the right and pulling. Press the surface of patch portion of plug-patch by roller towards the edge of patch (the bubbles can be pushed out). Finally, out off the protruding portion of the plug.

Note: We recommend using both plug and patch repairs on holes at more than 25 degrees off perpendicular from the tire surface.


Please observe the following points for safe driving:

1. Do not repair holes of 6 mm or larger in diameter (passenger cars, light trucks).
2. Do not repair bald tires, or tires which show general deterioration due to age.
  V-cuts in both inside and outside are especially dangerous.
3. Do not repair sidewalls on radial tires.
4. Know and observe applicable automobile tire safety regulations.


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