Repair from "OUTSIDE" of tire

First of all remove the object and then, locate the exact position of the puncture with HOLE SEARCHER tool. Use large amount of NISEAL (vulcanizing rubber cement) on the hole searcher tool to aid in the search.

Punctures are often at an angle to the surface. Unless the hole is inspected first carefully, the repair might not be complete.

Coat the area liberally with NISEAL rubber cement.

Coat MAIN DRIVER TOOL in the kit with NISEAL and bore it into the hole. This is not to make the hole bigger but it is to clean the puncture and remove rust from the steel belt.
※ You should coat the MAIN DRIVER toll with NISEAL and insert into the hole without using stress,please use the Large size GUIDE SLEEVE for step3.

Mount the MAIN DRIVER TOOL in the ratchet grip, and coat both MAIN DRIVER TOOL and GUIDE SLEEVE liberally with NISEAL. Use your body weight to press while rotating sharply clockwise, and drive the GUIDE SLEEVE into the tire up to the hilt.

It will slide in quite easily; any user can handle it easily.

Once the GUIDE SLEEVE is in place, rotate the MAIN DRIVER TOOL counter-clockwise and remove. The NISHINO PLUG will be left in the hole, temporarily holding it open.

Next, peel the vinyl film off the NISHINO PLUG and spread NISEAL on it.

Grasp both ends of the NISHINO PLUG with your fingertips and twist to remove the protective cover.
※ Be careful not to touth the brown rubber,couse intervention melt.

Then, insert the blue end of the NISHINO PLUG into the GUIDE SLEEVE.

Insert the plug while rotating, ensuring that NISEAL coats the entire surface of the hole.

Push the NISHINO PLUG through the bore of the GUIDE SLEEVE by turning the PLUG INSERTION TOOL to the right until it locks.

Difference point!!

Remove the GUIDE SLEEVE and PLUG INSERTION TOOL at the same time by continuing to turn the handle to the right and pulling.

The NISHINO PLUG is held in place by the contractile force of the tire itself.

Coat NESEAL around the plug and leave for 5 to 10 minutes,

Water, detergent and other liquids will interfere with the vulcanization process.

Refill the tire with air. Finally, cut off the protruding portion of the NISHINO PLUG and then check for air leakage by applying NISEAL around the area of the puncture. If small leakage bubbles appear, wait 20 to 30 minutes for once before deflating the tire.


Please observe the following points for safe driving:

1. Do not repair holes of 6 mm or larger in diameter (passenger cars, light trucks).
2. Do not repair bald tires, or tires which show general deterioration due to age.
  V-cuts in both inside and outside are especially dangerous.
3. Do not repair sidewalls on radial tires.
4. Know and observe applicable automobile tire safety regulations.


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