The State of the Japan Market
Nishino tire repair products are used extensively throughout the nation: not only by professional repairmen at service facilities operated by the leading automobile manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda and Nissan and tire manufacturers like Bridgestone, but also at automobile shops like AUTOBACS and Yellow Hat.
The Nishino brand also commands a 90% share of the mass-merchandise market for tire repair kits, sold as 'Do-It-Yourself' products directly to consumers.

Tire repair kits are functional products, and because they are always needed they are little affected by swings in the economy.
As the roadways are steadily improved and the average speed rises, people become more interested in safety. In particular, because tire problems on the expressway can lead to accidents, it is impossible to ignore safety issues. Tire repair kits are absolutely essential in modern automobile culture, with strong demand and a high repeat business ratio.
The TUBELEST tire repair kit for inside and outside repairs was developed to address this need.
Under our motto of safety in driving, we have continued to develop and refine the TUBELEST tire repair system for over 30 years. When we first entered the market, tube tires were by far the most common in Japan, and our market development concentrated on expensive important cars such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Domestic car manufacturers gradually switched to tubeless tires, then to radials, entered the era of high-speed travel.
To confirm the safety of our repair solution, our products were tested by the Bridgestone Engineering Department under a variety of tough conditions. They passed with flying colors.
TUBELEST: a product released to the world market, with confidence.
We look forward to working with you in the future, as your business partner.

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